Lithonia Police

Roosevelt Smith

Chief of Police

Chief Smith

Roosevelt Smith is a dedicated and loyal public safety professional  currently overseeing the operations of the Lithonia Police Department  (LPD). On November 12, 2014, Smith was appointed by Lithonia Mayor  Deborah Jackson and City Council as the Chief of Police for the City of  Lithonia.

Chief Smith is a 27 year public safety veteran with experience in and    around the state of Georgia. His goal for the Police Department is to    assure the community that the agency is operating at the highest level of    national law enforcement standards. Maintaining the highest standards    and continually advancing and improving its capabilities, the LPD    provides a family friendly and safe environment throughout the city.

As Lithonia continues to grow as a city, the LPD continues to prepare and evolve into a local response law enforcement agency. Working closely with local, state and national agencies, Chief Smith has expanded the methods, practices, and capabilities of the Department personnel to stay informed, and to provide increased security in the areas of drug enforcement and homeland security.

The general structure of the Department is as follows:

  • Uniform Patrol Division
  • Criminal Investigation Division
  • Administrative Services Division
  • Court Division

Contact information for the Department:

Lithonia Police Department 6920 Main Street Lithonia, GA 30058
Emergency Calls 911
Non-Emergency Calls 770-482-8947
Fax 678-526-0267
Chief of Police: Roosevelt Smith 770-482-8947 ext. 124
Patrol & Criminal Investigations: Captain L.E. Owens Jr. 770-482-8947 ext. 126
Court Department: Faye Brantley 770-482-8947 ext. 112